Whuffie – Mobile Application


Nature of Project : Conceptual , Design for future ( Commercial )
Project Year : 2014
Designed for : National Institute of Design ( Academic )
Time taken : 4 Months

What is Whuffie?

Whuffie is a repository of your online data collected at one place. This online data includes networks and interactions from your social profiles and your reputation from consumer profiles. These data are used by “sharing economy” companies to create trust between two people, which in turn allows exchanges in the form of renting, bartering, sharing or swapping.


Concept Video :


Scenario Video :

How would such a service look like

Clickable Prototype : 

A walk through of the service shown in the above video

Why is Whuffie built?

Local business in the field collaborative consumption can be built relying to Whuffie’s vast data set from people. Businesses based on collaborative consumption aim at empowering people who have spare capacities which can be leveraged through renting, bartering, sharing or swapping. This increases ones’ financial freedom and maximizes the utilization of scarce resources. For these transactions to happen successfully the trust that is built between the two people becomes a major role. Whuffie leverages its vast data sets to create a trust environment.



Where is Whuffie used?

When a person requests a service from another user, the person who request the service becomes the borrower and the person who provides the service becomes the lender. The lender decides to accept the request from the borrower based on wether the borrower is trustworthy with respect to the object/ service he is requesting. To assess if the borrower is is trustworthy or not, the borrowers disposition and motivation towards the transaction is intended to be known to the lender. Whuffie makes it easy and possible for the small business to choose from a wide variety of data to choose from and organize them in a meaningful way and show it to the lender. At the point of request whuffie is give a call for data through an api and the returned value are organized in a form of the reputation card and shown to the lender. Based on which the lender decides if he would be willing to lend the service to the requested borrower or not.



Why do you need a system like Whuffie?

Whuffie opens up the opportunities to create local business based on collaborative consumption activities like bartering, lending, sharing and renting. A service like whuffie addresses two major problems,
People need resources on one side and there are people who have spare capacities on other side. The establishment of trust between people become prime factor for the engagements to happen. Whuffie helps in creating a channel for the trust environment with respect to the trust object. Whuffie also gives access to wide range of information which prevents the creation of separate profile and other user engagements in every other platform.

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