Green Fingers

Green fingers is a concept for a collaborative gardening ecosystem. It is aimed at bringing the physical and digital worlds together for the purpose of overall community development and inspiring concern for the environment.

With the world cities fast turning into concrete jungles, that lack the space to foster gardens and open spaces, Green fingers aims at implementing a cooperative shared garden where people get personalized spaces to grow their own plants and monitor them remotely via networking and cloud computing technologies.




OzCHI 2012 student design challenge is an 24 hour online design challenge which precedes the conference of the same name.Teams from all over the world were supposed to provide a solution for the design brief

Design Brief
Design a system that takes advantage of cloud computing, mobile devices, and fast mobile networks to enhance the way people interact with each other collaboratively.

Green Fingers was selected as one of the top ten entires of 2012 challenge

This project was collaborated with Manasi Agarwal,Simran Chopra,Suvani Suri

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