Creative Coding



I like to explore creative coding which falls under the realm of Art+Technology. I have tried my hands on tools that enable to achieve it. More of these tools help to visualize the convergence of the physical and the digital space.

LED Reactor:

This Led Reactor composition, ( Here composition refers to the circuit of the electronic components ) reacts to change the frequency in the music that is played at the background.

Workflow Diagram:



Demo Video:

Music Visualization:

This music visualization, follows the same procedure as the above setup. The only difference is that the change in the frequency detected in directly visualized in processing rather than sending it to Arduino.

Demo Video:

Projection Mapping Controller:

The objective was to control a projection mapping wirelessly using a mobile device ( a tablet, in this case ). An extension of the composition would allow us to play games on real surfaces by mapping the games’ environment on the real surfaces. In the current implementation, we had projected a music visualization to the wall and the RGB value of the video was controlled remotely from the tablet.

Workflow Diagram:


Setup Documentation:


Demo Video: